Writers Fest Challenge 2019: In Conclusion

Tonight is the first event of the 2019 Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. Which means I've come to the end of my Writers Fest Challenge for 2019, a self-imposed challenge of attempting to read at least one book from each author. (Here's my original post about it.) So, how did I do? I… Continue reading Writers Fest Challenge 2019: In Conclusion

The Literary Fiction Book Tag

Rachel at pace, amore, libri tagged me for this one and I can't resist some literary fiction talk so here we go! Her answers are great and worth reading and she links to the booktubers who started this tag and I also enjoyed their videos. (Though "book tube" is a whole other area of the… Continue reading The Literary Fiction Book Tag

Book Review: All the Broken Things by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

All the Broken Things - Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer (Random House Canada, 2014) I'd had All the Broken Things on my To Read list for a couple of years and when I finally began reading it realized I had no idea what it was actually about. The novel is set in 1984 in Toronto. Bo is fourteen years old. He… Continue reading Book Review: All the Broken Things by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer