Rose’s Story

Birth stories are one of those things that most people aren't interested in until they have their own. At least, that was my experience, so feel entirely free to skip over this if it's your experience too! It feels like you could hardly have two more different birthing experiences than Pearl and Rose. I shared… Continue reading Rose’s Story

Pearl’s Story – Part Two

It was about half past nine on Monday night when Peter and I got to the hospital. We were sent to an assessment room (a curtained-off corner) where I was hooked up to a fetal monitoring system while I waited for a doctor to see me. The curtains weren't soundproof and so we couldn't help… Continue reading Pearl’s Story – Part Two

Pearl’s Story – Part One

At 3:19 in the morning on February 24th, Pearl Isobel joined us in the world. At the end of January, following a routine ultrasound in week 34 of my pregnancy, I received a phone call from my doctor. The ultrasound results were slightly abnormal - there was fluid gathered around one of the baby's kidneys.… Continue reading Pearl’s Story – Part One