Thrifting on the Sunshine Coast

This is a bit of an overdue post but I guess now I can say I was waiting for summer to end in order to give you a more complete overview (or something like that!). I've done some good thrifting since moving to the Sunshine Coast in July and I'd like to share some of… Continue reading Thrifting on the Sunshine Coast

A Lesson I Don’t Want to Learn camera broke yesterday. It was sad. Turns out, it doesn't end so well if I fall directly on it. It does still take pictures but the view screen is busted. Which means I have to hold the camera up to my face to take a picture. This isn't necessarily a hardship but it's definitely… Continue reading A Lesson I Don’t Want to Learn

Welcome to September

If August means apples then the beginning of September means blackberries. This time last year Peter and I were still in Victoria. We decided to pick blackberries and headed to the park nearest our home. We did not find a single blackberry. Though delicious, blackberries are an invasive species to BC and so a lot… Continue reading Welcome to September