The Well-Read Canadian

Today Canada celebrates its 147th birthday. In honour of the occasion, I would like to present to you the top 50 novels you should read if you want to be A Well-Read Canadian. And who doesn't, right? This idea was inspired by this list, as well as my general love of listing books. My criteria:… Continue reading The Well-Read Canadian


Sechelt Canada Day Parade 2013

A highlight of the year in this small town is the annual Canada Day parade. This was the third year I got to be in attendance. It starts with some classic cars. You know them because they're the same ones you saw the year before and the year before that or that you've seen driving… Continue reading Sechelt Canada Day Parade 2013

Long Weekend, Long Weekend, Long Weekend

That's a pretty beautiful pairing of words, isn't it? Oh, Canada! Thanks for the long weekend! What did I do? Got dressed up and had a fancy dinner out with my handsome husband. We had a gift certificate (Thanks Jen!) to a nice restaurant nearby and ate delicious food while watching the rain fall over… Continue reading Long Weekend, Long Weekend, Long Weekend