Book Review – Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton

I love hearing other people's testimonies. You will never hear two the same. Every Christian has a unique story of how they came to be in relationship with Jesus Christ. I think that's so amazing. Testimonies continuously remind me of God's love for us, individually. So I like reading testimonies too. I appreciate when authors… Continue reading Book Review – Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton

Europe Trip 2013 – Part Eight: Vatican City

This summer Peter and I went on an adventure to Europe. With the help of a stellar memory and my obsessive journalling, I’m sharing those adventures with you. Part One: Duisburg, Germany Part Two: Fritzlar, Germany Part Three: Bern, Switzerland Part Four: Lake Como, Italy Part Five: Venice, Italy Part Six: Florence, Italy Part Seven:… Continue reading Europe Trip 2013 – Part Eight: Vatican City

Mid-Week Snapshots

Life is busy and full and blessed and hard. Here's a taste of it for me this week. Foggy days on the Coast. Many in a row now. Some afternoons the sun comes out and the fog burns away but it's been lingering for a while now. Sunday evening. Peter went fishing in our front… Continue reading Mid-Week Snapshots