Book Review: His Whole Life by Elizabeth Hay

People love others not because they are lovable necessarily but because it takes such a weight off the heart. Having read one previous novel by Elizabeth Hay (Alone in the Classroom), I began to read her latest book expecting a decent read. I'm happy to report that Hay blew my expectations out of the water.… Continue reading Book Review: His Whole Life by Elizabeth Hay

What I Read – April 2016

*I've added a new page on the blog that lists all the book reviews. Currently, it is alphabetical by author's last name. Let me know if you have thoughts on better/additional ways to organize that. Feel free to check out some of the older reviews, including some books I'd forgotten I'd ever reviewed! Did you… Continue reading What I Read – April 2016

Book Review – Alone in the Classroom by Elizabeth Hay

Alone in the Classroom (Emblem 2011) begins with a murder and the tension grows from there. In fact, the rate of revelation and tension in this novel is infinitely impressive. Our narrator, Anne, begins with the story of the death of a young girl, occurring when her own mother was young. It is also the… Continue reading Book Review – Alone in the Classroom by Elizabeth Hay