30 Day Dress Challenge – Day 15

(See the dress in 2013 here and in 2014 here.) Last night we had a crazy thunder storm (a rarity for our part of the world though something that's happened a few times recently) and it poured rain all morning. Pearl and Bella and I went for a rain walk in the morning, splashing in… Continue reading 30 Day Dress Challenge – Day 15

Day 6 – 30 Day Dress Challenge

Friday night sunset pictures. Hence the messy hair tied up and no shoes. Weekends are great. The "I hope our neighbours aren't watching you take pictures of me" pose. The Dress: Pink Martini, purchased at a very cool, no-longer-there, store in Victoria. One of my favourite dresses for certain sentimental reasons (like getting engaged while… Continue reading Day 6 – 30 Day Dress Challenge

30 Day Dress Challenge

Day 12 - Wednesday Dress: no tag, purchased at Stanley Market in Hong Kong. Sweater: H&M (It is cold today!) Necklace: thrifted in Los Angeles Shoes: Airwalk, purchased at Payless This is an example of a dress I never wear and wouldn't have worn this week if it weren't for this challenge. I'm not really… Continue reading 30 Day Dress Challenge