Library Check-Outs and Other Things

Our library re-opened! I feel like I've been a little absent from around here this week. Although I've been reading as normal (I finished Hamnet & Judith and am now reading The Nickel Boys) I haven't had enough brain space to write a review or check-in on other blogs. The big change this past week… Continue reading Library Check-Outs and Other Things

Reading with Pearl & Rose: Robert McCloskey

If you look at my kids' bookshelves, you will probably get a good picture (pun intended) of my own tastes. I love factual, colourful, non-fiction children's books. I love stories about animals. I love detailed picture books - both in their illustrations and in their content. I look for a certain poetry in the writing,… Continue reading Reading with Pearl & Rose: Robert McCloskey

Reading with Pearl & Rose: Alphabet Books

The alphabet is, obviously, the foundation of literacy. There are a LOT of alphabet books out there for kids, with all kinds of themes and illustrations. These are some of the favourites in our household. Pearl knows her ABCs now and is beginning to recognize a few simple words. Rose remains largely illiterate. ABCers -… Continue reading Reading with Pearl & Rose: Alphabet Books

Reading with Pearl & Rose: A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals

A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals - Millie Marotta (Chronicle Books, 2019) A look at my daughters' bookshelves might tell you what I value in a book for children. Beautiful illustrations, clear writing, a funny or goofy story, and words that don't talk down to them. I don't go in for the saccharine stories… Continue reading Reading with Pearl & Rose: A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals

Book Review: Pages & Co. by Anna James

Pages & Co. #1: Tilly and the Bookwanderers - Anna James If you are or know a book-loving kid between the ages of 9 and 12 then I can highly recommend this series to you. The first two books (of what I believe are to be a trilogy) are fun and full of bookish references.… Continue reading Book Review: Pages & Co. by Anna James

Book Review: Half Magic by Edward Eager

Half Magic - Edward Eager (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016) This is a sweet, old-fashioned story about four siblings who discover a magic coin. The eldest, Jane, picks it up on the sidewalk one day and quickly discovers it grants wishes. Except that it only grants half the wish. So when Jane wishes for a fire,… Continue reading Book Review: Half Magic by Edward Eager

Reading with Pearl & Rose: Cars and Trucks

Pearl is currently in a bit of a car phase so when I spotted this Little Golden Book at a library book sale, I picked it up. The book is originally from 1951 but this copy was republished in 1976. It remains delightfully dated but the pictures are by Richard Scarry. No word on who… Continue reading Reading with Pearl & Rose: Cars and Trucks

Reading with Pearl: Train Edition

I'm not sure that Pearl has ever actually seen a train but she sure seems to enjoy stories about them. And there seem to be multiple classic children's books revolving around trains. Our story selection tends toward mid-20th century and I'm having trouble thinking of more modern train stories. Any suggestions? Pearl's favourite of these… Continue reading Reading with Pearl: Train Edition

Reading with Pearl: Bunny Edition

If you ask Pearl currently what she wants to be when she grows up she will gleefully tell you, "A bunny!" This is mostly due to the book on the top left, When Bunny Grows Up. Regardless, bunnies are popular in our household and Pearl's book collection reflects that. When Bunny Grows Up and Home… Continue reading Reading with Pearl: Bunny Edition

Book Review: The Wonderlings by Mira Bartok

I didn't finish reading this book. A few short chapters in, I realized that I was most definitely not the target audience and I simply wasn't being grabbed by what was happening on the page. That said, I do feel like I can recommend it because Karissa ages 8 - 12 would have loved this… Continue reading Book Review: The Wonderlings by Mira Bartok