Pearl at 13 Months

Mischievous. Inquisitive. Observant. Pearl at 13 months is full of energy, laughs frequently, and always wants to explores. When strangers stop to say hello or wave at her, she stares back, unsmilingly (she reserves her waves for her favourite people or when the person's not looking). But she'll squeal gleefully at a dog or cat… Continue reading Pearl at 13 Months

This Time Last Year…

One year ago today Peter and I were walking (very slowly) around Kerrisdale while I tried to figure out if my contractions were real or false labour (they were false). I can remember sitting in an armchair in a second-hand shop, wondering if the store would charge me if my water broke. We're currently eagerly… Continue reading This Time Last Year…

Happy New Year (with an emphasis on the Happy)

2016. Whoa. After Peter and I came home from celebrating Christmas and New Year's Day with family, we spent an evening over a bottle of wine, talking about what 2016 might look like for us. Neither of us are big on resolutions but we set some goals (somehow that feels different from resolutions but maybe… Continue reading Happy New Year (with an emphasis on the Happy)

Toy-Stealing, Dog-Petting, Beer-Drinking

Photobombing dog. Bella the Dog is no longer with us. (By which I mean she went back to her real home. She's totally still alive.) Our house feels much quieter and afternoon walks are a little less chaotic. Pearl misses her furry friend though. Bella seemed to think that I made little beds complete with… Continue reading Toy-Stealing, Dog-Petting, Beer-Drinking