Book Review: Divided Loyalties by Nilofar Shidmehr

Divided Loyalties - Nilofar Shidmehr (Astoria, 2019) New and different voices and particularly voices coming from other cultures and histories are something that I'm always on the look out for. So I was excited to get my hands on an Advance Copy of this short story collection. Each story centres around an Iranian woman. The… Continue reading Book Review: Divided Loyalties by Nilofar Shidmehr


Book Review: Look How Happy I’m Making You by Polly Rosenwaike

Look How Happy I'm Making You - Polly Rosenwaike (Doubleday, 2019) I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book. It is set to be released March 19, 2019. Whether or not you enjoy Polly Rosenwaike's collection of short stories will likely hinge on your interest in motherhood. Each of the twelve stories in this… Continue reading Book Review: Look How Happy I’m Making You by Polly Rosenwaike

Book Review: A Mariner’s Guide to Self-Sabotage by Bill Gaston

My disclaimer: I know Bill Gaston in real life. He was one of my profs in university and taught one of my favourite workshops. He was a great prof and an all-round good guy. When he was a featured writer at our local Writers' Festival a couple of years ago I was asked to introduce… Continue reading Book Review: A Mariner’s Guide to Self-Sabotage by Bill Gaston

Not a Book Review: A Boys’ Treasury of Sea Stories

I didn't read this book from cover-to-cover, nor do I expect anyone to run out and buy this exact copy, so for those reasons this isn't exactly a book review. I picked up this story collection at a thrift store but my dad later pointed out to me that we had the same book at… Continue reading Not a Book Review: A Boys’ Treasury of Sea Stories

Book Review: How to Breathe Underwater by Julie Orringer

This collection of short stories focuses primarily on adolescent girls. The stories are compelling and readable and not at all familiar with my experience of being a teenage girl. Which isn't to say that they don't ring true but by the time I got to the end of the collection, it felt like the intensity… Continue reading Book Review: How to Breathe Underwater by Julie Orringer

Book Review: Teardown by Clea Young

My boss handed me a copy of Teardown after I detailed my weekend to her recently. Namely that, while in Vancouver, Peter and I went to IKEA with Pearl in tow. We hadn't been since I was about seven months pregnant with Pearl and had looked forward to the visit. We smugly wandered through the living… Continue reading Book Review: Teardown by Clea Young

Book Review: 2 Short Story Collections

It's a bit unfair to lump these two story collections in together but I read them almost back to back and, a few weeks later, am struggling to differentiate them in my mind. A Manual for Cleaning Women and Collected Stories are collections of a life's worth of short stories by Lucia Berlin and Grace… Continue reading Book Review: 2 Short Story Collections