A B.C. Day Post

August! August means apples! At least, for some reason, it does to me. I eat apples all year round but this is the time of year they start appearing on trees in this part of the world. I have some big life news to share... I took a big girl step this weekend and I… Continue reading A B.C. Day Post

A Phone Conversation Last Night

Me: (answering the phone) Hello, Karissa speaking. Guy calling on the phone: Hello, can I speak to your parent, please? (Okay, so that's a little odd but we are housesitting and I think perhaps he's looking for the folks who actually live here and he thinks I'm their daughter. They don't have a daughter but… Continue reading A Phone Conversation Last Night

A Rainy Tuesday Bachelorette Update

It's a grey and rainy day so let's begin with this picture of the rhododendron bush in my parents' backyard. Don't you feel better now? I spent a lovely weekend in Vancouver, getting to see some friends I've missed. I love that city. I get so excited from the moment I hit the outskirts. There's… Continue reading A Rainy Tuesday Bachelorette Update

Lessons Learned in Thrift Stores

Another successful Value Village trip on Saturday! That makes two in two weekends in a row. (Inspired by visits from our thrifty extended family!) I got this dress last weekend: Yesterday Peter found me a soft, comfortable 100% lambswool sweater. I have a couple of lovely wool sweaters that are actually men's sweaters because of… Continue reading Lessons Learned in Thrift Stores

How My Body Feels When I Have McDonalds For Dinner

While eating: Hey, that's great, you're feeding me! I've been telling you I'm hungry! 2 minutes after: I'm full. I feel happy. 10 minutes after: I don't feel so good. Maybe you ate too much. 20 minutes after: I feel terrible. Why would you do this to me! Sometime in the middle of the night:… Continue reading How My Body Feels When I Have McDonalds For Dinner

My deep dark secret…

Right now, I'm reading Michael Ondaatje's latest novel, "The Cat's Table". It's wonderful. I gulp it down like rich chocolate. Check this: "I needed to think backwards for a while. Thinking backwards I could remember the comfort of being curious and alone." Isn't that a wonderful description? Or this: "But he had a serenity that… Continue reading My deep dark secret…