Life in June

June is coming to a hectic end and we are heading full force into July without a break in sight. But the sun is shining and Peter’s work schedule will (eventually) slow down so June is also getting really good. We spent a good portion of this past weekend at the beach, including a Saturday dinner picnic. Pearl loved playing in the sand and the creek and trying to find tiny crabs. Here are a few pictures from our life lately:

Our hikes (or “forest walks”, as Pearl calls them) often look like this when we have Bella around. Bella runs ahead and off the trail, Pearl runs after her, yelling, “Bewwa! Come!” Bella does not often listen.

The tricycle we found at a thrift store in Washington is a big hit. Pearl is now tall enough so that her feet can reach the pedals. Bike riding is limited to the carport/driveway currently but we have big plans to one day bike to the park.

“Pearl help!” is something I hear a lot. And while it would definitely be faster for me to empty the dishwasher myself (and the cutlery would get into the correct spots), I remind myself that we are (hopefully) instilling good habits. Plus, she’s such a cheerful and eager helper!

We are currently spending a lot of time in our backyard and in this little pool.

No one can say Pearl doesn’t know how to relax.

I decided to let go of keeping the play dough colours separate. It still makes me cringe when she mashes them all into one giant ball, but it also means I can let her play by herself and get something else done and that’s worth it to me in the long run.

We are currently making our lists of goals and dreams and projects for the summer. No big plans but lots of fun and friends and sunshine ahead, I hope.


Summer’s Still Here

Summertime on the Sunshine Coast is an especially wonderful time. The days are long and bright, the water is warm(er) but always refreshing, and there is always something to do outside. From kayaking and mountain biking to sitting on your own or someone else’s deck and drinking a cold beer.

I honestly feel a little sad to have missed out on the majority of summer here. Don’t get me wrong, I travelled in Europe for a month so I’m not exactly feeling sorry for myself, but summer on the Coast is a world class destination.

The good news is this: Summer’s not over. You might think it is because Labour Day and Back to School and a couple of days of rain, etc. But it’s still officially summer until 21 September and our good weather here has been known to last into October.

So I’m holding on to summer and enjoying our beautiful home with the following activities:

1. Jumping off the local pier.


2. Adventures up the hill with friends.


This was also the day I had my first sighting of a Sunshine Coast bear. More accurately – the bum of a black bear as it ran away from us into the bushes.

3. Picking apples from our tree and baking with them. (Pictured: using one of my favourite thrift store finds!)


From our own back yard we have also enjoyed golden plums so juicy you have to eat them outside. And from the garden of friends we were gifted with kale, lettuce, carrots, and a giant zucchini. Pair these goodies with the salmon Peter caught the other week and it’s the best local diet ever.

4. We pass by this lake every time we make the trip from our house in to town.


That’s Trout Lake and since February Peter’s been telling me it’s nice to swim in. So, on Labour Day, we went. I learned to swim, to canoe, and to pull leeches off my skin in a lake.


5. Just this past weekend I tried two water sports I’ve never attempted before.


Our friends kindly lent us their paddle boards and so we’ve been exploring our shoreline in a different manner. It’s surprisingly peaceful.

On Saturday, Peter and I went over to my in-laws to go tubing. Unfortunately, the tube fell apart before I took a turn. This can happen when your tube is 20 years old and has pulled around countless numbers of kids. After a few attempts with the kneeboard, we got out the waterskis. Peter made it look pretty easy and got up on his first attempt in about 17 years. I still don’t think I can say I’ve waterskied exactly but at least I’ve attempted.

Thirteen summer days remain. Make the most of them.

Long Weekend, Long Weekend, Long Weekend

That’s a pretty beautiful pairing of words, isn’t it? Oh, Canada! Thanks for the long weekend!

What did I do?


Got dressed up and had a fancy dinner out with my handsome husband. We had a gift certificate (Thanks Jen!) to a nice restaurant nearby and ate delicious food while watching the rain fall over the ocean on Friday night.


Had a delicious breakfast with the in-laws.


The sun showed up like crazy this weekend (finally!) and Saturday is market day in Sechelt. It was also $5 bag day at the thrift store. I’ll devote a separate post to those findings!


We spent the afternoon on the beach, after a lovely ocean swim.



Saturday night sunset at our house.


Drive back into town on Sunday afternoon:


Patriotic dessert.


Sleepy puppy cuddles.


And just one from the Canada Day parade, but more to come!




Things that Happened on the Weekend

Let’s see…what happened this weekend?

Peter bought new glasses. (I’m sure he’ll want to show them off to you when he picks them up in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!)


These are two of the local ravens that have decided the roof of our house is the coolest place around. Look, ravens are neat and they make cool sounds but they’re also big birds and when they are constantly swooping over my head while I sit on the deck they freak me out a little. Also, I thought maybe ravens hanging out on your roof meant something special in certain cultures but when I looked it up, Russian folklore says it means a witch lives in that house.

I cut myself with a pair of scissors. Because I’m a grown-up. While investigating to see how deeply I’d sliced my hand open I realised I was looking inside myself and then realised I was about to pass out. Since I was at work, I pulled myself together and put on a purple band-aid.


I picked these flowers and put them in our bathroom because I’ve decided “weed” is a relative term.


These ducks napping in a row on a log are the greatest.

We had a fire on our beach and a hot dog roast Saturday night.


While eating hot dogs we saw a caterpillar we had never seen before. (I know, lots of excitement around here!) Of course, I took a picture while we wondered if it was native to the area or escaped from somewhere tropical.


Then I saw four more identical caterpillars so I think our ecosystem is safe.

And then – the highlight of the weekend – Peter and I went for a swim off of our own little beach! Following our beach dinner, we stood ankle-deep in the water and said to each other, “It isn’t that cold.”

“Want to go swimming?” Peter asked me.

I didn’t entirely but I always feel lame if he goes in without me so I raced upstairs to put on my swimsuit and in we went. My first swim of the year. It was only cold when you stopped moving. I think the kayakers who passed us by the rocks thought we were crazy.

Good weekend. And this week is the end of school and the official start of summer (in my books, at least).