Book Review: Kens by Raziel Reid

Kens - Raziel Reid (Penguin Teen, 2018) This book was not for me. I mean that in two ways. One: I didn't really enjoy it and found myself aggravated by the characters and their actions. Two: I'm not at all the target audience of this book.  Kens takes place in some sort of alternate universe in… Continue reading Book Review: Kens by Raziel Reid

Book Review: We Are All Made Of Molecules – Susin Nielsen

Stewart Inkster and Ashley Anderson are complete opposites. Stewart is smart and loyal though rather socially awkward while Ashley is beautiful, insecure, and unkind. They are thrown together when their parents move in together. After Stewart's mother dies, his dad finds love again with Ashley's mom and so Stewart and his dad Leonard leave their… Continue reading Book Review: We Are All Made Of Molecules – Susin Nielsen