Olympic Bodies

Yesterday I watched some of the Olympic coverage on TV. I don't follow any sport particularly closely, just whatever's on. That's how I ended up watching synchronized diving yesterday afternoon. By the way, kind of a bizarre sport. I'm a terrible diver and I'm not terribly co-ordinate so I'm super impressed by anyone who can… Continue reading Olympic Bodies

The Bachelorette in Praha!

I've been excited all season for this episode! I love Prague - it's one of my favourite cities. It's full of beautiful architecture and scenery and fascinating culture and history. I'm actually kind of disappointed that no one said Prague is the perfect place to fall in love. Anyway, I had fun watching Emily and… Continue reading The Bachelorette in Praha!

A Rainy Tuesday Bachelorette Update

It's a grey and rainy day so let's begin with this picture of the rhododendron bush in my parents' backyard. Don't you feel better now? I spent a lovely weekend in Vancouver, getting to see some friends I've missed. I love that city. I get so excited from the moment I hit the outskirts. There's… Continue reading A Rainy Tuesday Bachelorette Update