Spring Break 2016 – Whistler

To kick off Spring Break 2016, we headed up to Whistler for a night. Way back in 2013, Peter and I had ventured that way for spring break. We had a little less snow and a whole lot more child to deal with. Now, I could show you some sweet pictures and let you think… Continue reading Spring Break 2016 – Whistler


The Privilege of Right Now

Some days, for a variety of reasons, sleep doesn't come easily for this little one. And while most mornings now I wake to realize that she hasn't cried out for me at all in the night, some days I work hard and long to get her to take a nap. I know there will come… Continue reading The Privilege of Right Now

This Time Last Year…

One year ago today Peter and I were walking (very slowly) around Kerrisdale while I tried to figure out if my contractions were real or false labour (they were false). I can remember sitting in an armchair in a second-hand shop, wondering if the store would charge me if my water broke. We're currently eagerly… Continue reading This Time Last Year…