Our New Place

As mentioned, Peter and I have moved! We are now living in a converted boathouse, about 20 minutes outside of Sechelt (maybe closer, maybe further, depending on who you're driving behind on the highway!) For the past seven months most of our stuff has been in storage so it's been a fun couple of weeks… Continue reading Our New Place

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….

Christmas around here! I'm pretty strict about my "The Christmas Season begins December 1st" policy. Since I have no power to enforce such a policy around me, it really only makes a difference in my own home. I spent part of yesterday writing Christmas cards, sipping hot chocolate, and listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas… Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….

Island, n., Piece of land surrounded by water

Yesterday Peter and I took off for an afternoon adventure. The sky was blue, the weather was crisply cold and there was a park nearby that we hadn't visited yet. The park is called Island 22 and is very much not an island. I can say this as someone who lived on an island for… Continue reading Island, n., Piece of land surrounded by water